Thursday, June 18, 2009

surgery, long legs, and a giggling guy

what a tough week it's been...
i'm not gonna go into any details here (wanna keep some things in my life private) but poor k-chan had to have some surgery...
we spent many anxious days leading up to "the day" just chilling out. i then spent the next few days sitting in a poky hospital room beside k-chan's bed trying to be strong.
not an easy task when my inner foundations were falling apart...
on a better note the surgery went well and now k-chan just needs to rest up.

i wasn't gonna let the bags under my eyes or my emotionally drained body stop me from going to my hot yoga class this week (i've skipped the last 2 weeks with everything going on here...)
so with my drink bottle in hand i hit the hot room. and guess what?! i had a break through!!
no... not one of those noisy ones which some people let-rip when they have their bum up in the air in my yoga glass... my break through was naturally far more refined (come on, who do you think i am!)
wait for it...
i touched my toes.

i know, i know, not quite as great as obama being elected president, but hey, this is mr stiffy here (ouch... that doesn't sound quite right)
what i'm trying to say is that i'm sooooooo not flexible.
when i started yoga five months ago i couldn't stand straight, bend over, and touch my toes...
i could touch my knees though! maybe i couldn't touch my toes because i have amazing long slender male model-like legs? no?
but i touched my toes... ignoring the fact that i had sweat dripping down my arms and into my eyes it felt amazing!!

i'm still a long way away from being able to do this, but for me it was the break through i'd been waiting for.
yippee for me!

oh yes, i haven't had a good book to read for the last few weeks so i decided to pick up some lite-reading this time and bought this →
(no, not a weather widget... look down to the right a bit more)
it was at #5 on hong kong's best seller's list.
gasp in shock horror now... non-metrosexual guys don't read books like this!
but it's actually not too bad (and i wanna get out the dvd now!)
the only problem is i can't stop looking like some kinda idiot on the subway laughing into the pages of a book!

so if you see a guy with
amazingly long slender male model-like legs, a book in one hand and a man-bag in the other, all while sporting a stupid grin on his face; say hi to mr sekimachihato.


Luuworld said...

sorry to hear about the surgery, but glad it went well!

that book looks fun, by the way. i think i would enjoy it...but i would be too much of a whimp to read it in public, so i would put a book cover on if i read it on the train! :-D

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
we are both whimps!
even though we shouldn't judge a book by its cover i hid mine with a book cover...
especially after seeing this advertised as a "book for her" in the book shop!

GL said...

Hey heard everything went well. Glad to hear. (The magical "30" kinda almost broke my back though LOL.) I better review my covers A-sap.

world of sekimachihato said...

* GL
god... that "30" is not magical... i thought i was gonna need some serious pain killers!!
be warned! make sure you have protection!

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