Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting In The Mood

summer's here, it arrived way back in may...
but for some odd reason i woke up this morning with the sudden urge to get all summer-y.

the outdoor pools at my apartment have opened once again and i really should make the most of them and get splashing. i mean, isn't swimming the best way to tone-up your body!?
and speaking of toning-up, god, i haven't been to my yoga class for like 3-weeks...
but i have all the excuses in the world (all true though!)
i mean come on, i've been to thailand and japan, and i got the blimmin flu twice. yes twice in the same month!
i don't know why but whenever i take a flight somewhere i come down with the flu... and it's always when i'm returning to hong kong and have to get back into the daily slog at the office.
do you think it's all in my mind or there really is something fishy going on with those aircons on planes?

you should see the look on my doctor's face when i turn up looking like sh*t with an oh-so-sexy face mask plasted over my head.
he immediately puts distance between himself and me when i say that i think i've got the swine flu and just come back from an overseas trip.
as soon as i mention the word fever he whips on his face mask, gloves-up and proceeds to check me from head to toe only to point out that i have a cold.
unfortunately one of my best friends is not so lucky and is in quarantine now as we speak i type...
if you are reading this you know i'm thinking of you! and if i lived in the same country you know i would be there with a bottle of vino in hand to celebrate your release!!

ok... where am i going with this post.
yes, the
outdoor pools at my apartment have opened once again...
so i'm thinking to hit the pool.
like last year i'm gonna stick to swimming at night when the dark water removes a bit of my glow and those tanned lifesaving pool boys won't be blinded by my light.

now if only it would stop raining and the thunder and lightning would ease up enough for me to actually get in the water!


pascale said...

Pool!!! I am so jealous!! I wonder why apartments in Japan seldom have pools :(
Especially outdoor ones!!

As for your flu, I think I know exactly how you felt at the doctor's!
Somethign similar happened tome before: I think I was either trying too hard to stay in control of myself or I was concentrating more than usual (giving stress to myself)... and that would be without even knowing. So when my body and mind relaxes (when I get back home) all of sudden I am down with the flu (my throat actually hurt the minute I placed my foot out of the plane) happened everytime I got home when I was away for my university :(
Would your case be something similar?

world of sekimachihato said...

you are definately one the same wave length as me! business trips can be pretty stressful, late nights, early mornings etc and i think when i get back to hong kong i suddenly relax and my body finally catches up.
in other words, i'm burning my candel at both ends...

Luuworld said...

pools outside your apartment?! excuse me, but do you get off on making my apartment feel like a run down dump? lol

....get well soon so you can jump in! :)

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
i think you must get off when you show me your awesome balcony!?
(my apartment doesn't have one...)
i so dig balcony parties over pool parties!

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