Monday, August 3, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

i'm back full-swing into my yoga glass after my slight "lazy" period.
but over the last few days i've been having naughty thoughts...

you see, i'm forking out money each month to do yoga in a sweaty 40 degree room.
yesterday the temperature in hong kong reached a
sweltering 37 degrees outside with humidity hovering around 95%.
now that's warm!

couldn't i just whip on my yoga wear, go outside my apartment and do the good old downward-facing dog?
life in hong kong is like living in a sauna so surely 3 degrees isn't gonna make that much of a difference!

mmm, but then again i would probably end up staying inside plonked in front of the aircon where it's nice and cool.
i'd miss my two favorite lady instructors who really know how to motivate, and the lovely filipino cleaning guy who always takes the time to have a chat with me.
and then there's the towel-boy who is either hitting on me or just wants to practise his english?!

come to think of it i'm in pretty good hands, unlike the poor homeless guy who died yesterday from the heat or the 1000+ elderly people who called emergency services for heat related symptoms.

here's hoping the incoming typhoon will bring with it some cooler winds.
just as long as it doesn't blow-up a storm on the weekend... i have a flight to catch!


Luuworld said...

i almost can't imagine what it's like when the weather is hot like in hong kong. i'm so used to the cold weather over here! this summer has been especially bad :(

sounds like you're in good hands at the yoga place! nothing like friendly people to put a smile on your face. maybe you can endure the sweltering heat and go to yoga class if you jump in your pool afterwards? ...

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
sounds like both europe and the u.s has had a pretty bad summer with lots of rain. we've got the rain at the moment but also the heat... not a nice combination.

jumping in a pool after yoga sounds bliss!
but my yoga class is a 30 min trip away from my apartment...
a cold shower will have to do.
(not the best idea in a guys changing room *wink wink*)

Badass Geek said...

I had to remember that you were referring to the temperatures in Celcius. It has been equally humid around here, too.

world of sekimachihato said...

* Badass Geek
thanks for the comment!
yes, i'm a celcius boy...
doesn't humidity suck?! we are close to 100% most days during our long summer... not nice

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