Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fairwell 2009

christmas came and went with a swish this year.
being away from family and friends doesn't help, but k-chan and i tried to make christmas as festive as we could, given the circumstances; having to work on the 24th!

my blog mate luuworld inspired me to put up some festive christmas lights, and i even went out and purchased a christmas wreath for our door!

k-chan's mum came over from japan with lots of goodies for us and our little one which was so nice of her. お母さん、ありがとうございました!

we ate our christmas roast (nothing beats my nana's roast though!) toasted with champagne and generally had a relaxing day.
ended our day with a trip to the grand thearte at the hong kong cultural centre to watch the nutcracker.
seems our little one enjoys tchaikovsky's music as he was kicking along with the orchestra!

where ever you were, sekimachihato hopes you all had a wonderful christmas!

so this is my last post for 2009; and guess where i am?
yup, at the office. i really feel for hong kong people; they we are way too over worked!
anyway, drink too much (your allowed) and kiss too many strangers (also allowed) and see you in 2010!


b for bhisan said...

i had steak at my brazilian's friends house. and champagne at noon in another friends house.

best part. it was quiet and relaxing.

different from other christmas before.

world of sekimachihato said...

* b for bhisan
christmas should all be about quiet relaxing time with family and friends. oh, and champagne!
sounds like you got it right this year!

Luuworld said...

happy to be inspiring you to put up christmas lights! and the wreath looks nice! poor you having to work so much. anyway. sounds like you had a nice christmas. happy new year! :-D

hiki said...

i don't know where christmas went, or if it even came! when i realise 2009 is almost over, less than 3 hours left now here in tokyo!
oh well.... hope you are having a wonderful new year's eve and have a fabulous 2010! よいお年を♪

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
yes! you inspired me all the way from norway!
so i passed the test? lol
happy new year to you too luuworld. looking forward to reading your 2010 posts!

world of sekimachihato said...

* hiki
christmas can feel a bit like that in japan too. but i hope you got sometime to celebrate it with your boyfriend.
and happy new year! i've just had some toshikoshi-soba!
kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaisimasune!

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