Monday, April 19, 2010

ring a ding ding

as i mentioned in my last post i have been having sleepless nights.
so just when i thought my panda eyes couldn't get any worse i have a new issue to threaten my desperately needed beauty sleep.

a blimmin dysfunctional fire alarm.
living in a 50 + story highrise with a
dysfunctional fire alarm is enough to give anyone panda eyes, let alone the heeby-jeebies, but our fire alarm hasn't stopped working, it's decided to go off and do a few rings every now and then.
oh, did i mention the bell goes off at around 4am?

it happened a few days ago, and then the other night it did it's thing around 5 times!
the first ring gives you a hell of a fright as one minute you're hanging up the washing in burger king (hey, i can't control my dreams) and then the next minute you're lying on your bed in pitch darkness with the most annoying alarm sounding throughout the whole apartment.
my immediate reaction is "*@"(#"!!
i then think what to wear (i know, i should just run to the stairwell (
walk! don't run!)) but the thought of standing outside with 954 people in only my boxer pants and a haramaki (i have a weak stomach) honestly freaks me out.
right when i've done a quick fashion coordinate in my head and ready to dash the alarm stops.
great, so it wasn't some raging inferno after all (not that i would ever wish for that!)

and double great, i'm over-tied, my heart's pounding, my eyes look like a possum caught in headlights and i can't get back to sleep.
meanwhile k-chan and our adorable soon to be born son have slipped peacefully back into a deep sleep.

decided to ask our security guard in the morning what all the fuss was about.
unfortunately the usual guy was busy helping out someone with more urgent issues so he waved over some other guy to deal with me. this is what he told me:

"sorry ah~. last night too wet. dim gon ah... humidity too much lar~. i ask fix sin"


wtf? humidity caused all that commotion??!
i'm not having any of that nonsense.
but alas... look what i found on the net:

"steam or high humidity can lead to condensation on the circuit board and sensor, causing the alarm to sound"

well i'll be buggered.

someone had better do something about hong kong's hair frizzing, mold causing weather or invest in some top of the range fire alarms which work properly for countries with high humidity.

and just how humid is it?


Luuworld said...

hey there, over in humid-land! well, i must say it sounds pretty bad if it's so humid the fire alarm goes off. poor you!

but then again, it may not be so bad, if it interrupted your dream where you where hanging up washing in burger king!!! hahaha! omg. i hope the dream doesn't reflect your real job.

i once worked in burger king.....still have the uniform around somewhere...

b for bhisan said...


now its hot today. whats next ???!!!!!!!!!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
not, my dream doesn't reflect my real job!
i happened to go past my old apartment the other day and noticed they have now built a burger king in front of it. the washing bit is just a personal fetish of mine. i lo---ve seeing the washing basket empty and all the clothes washed and clean.

you worked at bk? and still have the uniform?
you could earn some good money on the side if you put that to good use *wink wink*

world of sekimachihato said...

* b for bhisan
hey. long time no see.
yup, and it's gonna get warmer as the week goes by.
hey, like your "No, that is not the special price to fly overseas." post.
how much did you pay? lol

jen laceda said...

oh my god, sorry ah-although i feel badly for your 4 am dilemma, i'm laughing my head off right now. You're hilarious!

gingerbee said...

One word for the humidity. Eeew.

As for Burger you know that they offer massage services in their branches here?

world of sekimachihato said...

* jen laceda
i'm glad someone can laugh about my panda-eye sleep deprivation experiences.

world of sekimachihato said...

* gingerbee
you serious?
you mean to say i can get a soft tissue workout while eating piping hot french fries?!
now that's something.

all we can get here is an upgrade to a large size or some extra ketchup...

GL said...

"sorry ah~. last night too wet. dim gon ah... humidity too much lar~. i ask fix sin" F T W

I can even hear his tone from reading.

world of sekimachihato said...

* GL

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