Wednesday, May 5, 2010

fuel espresso

last weekend the smog disappeared and the sun finally came out.
mmm, summer.

k-chan and i considered popping down to one of our favorite beaches for the day, but in the end gave it a miss. it could so be a nightmare trying to catch a cab from an isolated beach if (a big IF) k-chan decided to go into labour.
so instead we opted to go shopping (that's what you do in hong kong if you have nothing better to do...)
not a good idea as i always end up spending money that i hadn't planned to spend.
so yeah, after a few purchases (t-shirts, shirt, underwear, sandals...) we plonked our tired feet down in our new favorite cafe; fuel espresso.
now this is what i call a nice cafe (although it's in a shopping mall again...).
prices are a tad steep, but they really know how to pour a good coffee. and what do ya know, this cafe is all the way from good old new zealand! (wellington to be exact)
they even roast their coffee beans in new zealand too!
my flat white was perfect, just like i would get back in new zealand. now i only hope other cafe owners in hong kong will up the ante a bit.

i was buzzing with caffeine and had the sudden urge to sit out in the sun and sip some vino.
poor old k-chan (no, she's not old) was hanging out for a vino too but had to sip on a juice instead.
at least we got some late afternoon rays at red and did plenty of people watching too.

woke up on sunday to a pounding headache and an extremely sore throat...
great, summer arrives and i get a cold.
k-chan said it's my fault as i don't have enough tairyoku (stamina). she won't accept my excuse reasoning that someone obviously gave me the cold germs while i was enjoying my vino!.
at least i'm not a baka (idiot). there is a saying in japan that idiots don't catch colds! (バカは風邪をひかない)

so yeah, on a sunny sunday i was miserable on the couch sipping back hot lemon honey and ginger tea.
and a yummy serving of baumkuchen!

cafe info:
fuel espresso
shop 3023
IFC mall
1 harbour view street


Mary said...

horray for kiwi flat whites in hong kong!
love the photo of the wine glasss with the red reflections.
that's quie a range of drinks you had over the weekend!
hope you're feeling better soon!!

Life for Beginners said...

Hope you've recovered since last Sunday. Lovely photo of the reds behind the wine glass, by the way. Gorgeous. :)

gingerbee said...

I wish we had more of NZ here! The only time NZ is mentioned here (airwaves included) is for the commercial of Anchor milk. Yes, they really say "Milk that comes from New Zealand cows" Haha. And of course weet-bix and arnotts tim tams :D

Speaking of cows, they're called baka in tagalog!

Luuworld said...

what a classy place. looks very chic! you know, we are like yin and yang, in that you go to these wonderful and elegant places, while i end up at dingy bars called things like "the cock". haha

ps- love your stripey jumper!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Mary
it is so hard to find a flat white here, so i was a bit over-excited when i found this one, especially it being a good one.
i still have a cough which gives me horrid looks when i'm on the subway (SARS...). lady at work just gave me a drink with hot water and honey. that may be a hint for me to go home!

world of sekimachihato said...

* Life for Beginners
a little bit of wine late in the afternoon knocks my limited photography skills up a notch maybe.
a little bit of wine helps me out in many situations come to think of it!

world of sekimachihato said...

* gingerbee
good old anchor milk hey. who would have thought weet-bix and tim tams were sold on your shores!
and what!? you call cows baka?
languages sure can cause a lot of amusement between different nationalities.

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
well, opposites attract huh?
if i take you somewhere ch*c then you have to take me somewhere co*k.

thanks for the complement on my stripy top btw.
a little something i picked up in japan.

pascale said...

I always loooove your photos :)
Even as I sit behind my kitchen desk now I know where in HK I can get a good cup of coffee- ah technology... :p

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
you will know all my favorite joints to visit next time you are in hong kong. but even still, you should ask for me to take you and show you around.

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