Saturday, May 8, 2010

wong chi kei & fungus workshop

my cold had just about cleared up now but i'm left with one of those yucky tickly coughs. you know those ones which make you cough at all the wrong times; like during an important meeting at work, or when inside a full yet super quiet elevator, or the worst situation is when riding the mtr (subway) to and from work. if looks could kill i would so be dead by now with all the how dare you cough near me!! looks i've been getting during the past few days. even wearing one of those horrible stuffy masks it seems that hong kong-ese are a bit paranoid when it comes to a cough. can't blame them though as many have experienced the horrors from the sars outbreak.

anyway i took friday off work and braved the heat and humidity, and along with my tickly throat ventured out to do a few errands here and there. k-chan tagged along too as exercise = a smooth delivery.

drenched in sweat we found solace in the air conditioned interior of wong chi kei for a bowl of sui gao mein: 水餃麺 (shrimp dumplings with egg noodles); a hong kong favorite.

to put my cough at ease i ordered another local favorite; hot ribena with lemon. i remember having ribena when i was a kid, but until coming to hong kong i thought ribena had faded out of production. obviously not as this blackcurrant drink is sold all over hong kong; iced or hot.

feeling very satisfied we ventured back into the heat to check out a newly opened leather/workshop-shop located up in soho.
k-chan seriously couldn't have gone there in her current state if it wasn't for the central-mid-levels escalator; the world's longest outdoor covered escalator which carries hot and bothered people from central up into soho and beyond.

found fungus workshop (not so keen on that name...), cute little set-up they have going on though. definitely need more of this here in hong kong!
from my photos it looks like they have a lot on offer but in actual fact they didn't have too many items for sale, but i guess that will come as time goes by.

restaurant info:
wong chi kei : 黃枝記粥麵
GF, 15B wellington street

shop info:
fungus workshop
GF, 17 wa in fong east


Life for Beginners said...

Hmm, I dunno... I kinda like the name. Fungus Workshop sounds cool and funky... though I guess it may also sound less-than-savoury, haha.

P.S. Ribena's still big in Malaysia (though I don't really like it myself). :P

pascale said...

yea, what's up with that name but... I guess they translated directly from chinese... but the shop looks real cute!!

Luuworld said...

fungus workshop sounds like a fun place! haha. did you pick up anything there?

hope you've recovered from the cold. do you have 'lemsip' in hong kong? i always buy a batch when i'm in england. works wonders against colds.

i think i've seen that looong escalator in wong kar wai's film ching king express. looks cool.

world of sekimachihato said...

* Life for Beginners
ummm, i just don't think "fungus" and "leather" match. life in humid hong kong causes my leather to grow fungus. you get my point?
maybe that's where the whole concept came from!?

ribena is big in malaysia too?
could be a south-east asian thing.
i guess you are like me and find it a tad too sweet. no?

world of sekimachihato said...

* pascale
i couldn't find this name on their website in chinese. think it's just an odd name but with a nice ring to it. i'm starting to like it more and more now.

world of sekimachihato said...

* Luuworld
well, i held back this time. they had some nice old cameras on display which had nice handmade leather straps. i'm on the hunt for a super-stylish leather camera strap but nothing really tickled my fancy.

speaking of tickles (my throat...); it is clearing up now. i actually bought some lemsip too to take before i went to bed. it's good stuff!

and yup, faye wong whizzed along this escalator! i tell you, what would we do without this escalator! (apart from "walk"...)

Luuworld said...

Ok, so you haven't posted for a while. I hope it's because some things have happened in your for instance you've become a DAD! if yes, CONGRATULATIONS! If it hasn't happened yet, congrats in advance! :-D

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